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Sonic x Vivian puppies arrived June 2024!

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We love to train our dogs and encourage others to do so…

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Greyghost Weimaraners 🇨🇦

Greyghost Weimaraners is a small kennel that has been breeding Weimaraners for 30 years. We partner with Kim Good who lives in Alberta and has had Greyghost Weimaraners for 20 years.

We breed Weimaraners, and only Weimaraners, for health, temperament and conformation according to the Weimaraner standard to protect and preserve the breed. Our dogs are kept happy and busy doing number of activities, including hunting, obedience and agility trials.  Our goal is to provide our puppy buyers with versatile dogs that will be loved, loyal and valued family members for many years.

Sonic x Vivian puppies arrived June 9, 2024!

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