Longhaired Weims:

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In our search for healthy, versatile dogs we have made a decision to include Longhaired Weims in our breeding program. This is a recessive trait that may be important in preserving the health of Weimaraners. Any shorthaired puppies that carry the Longhaired gene tend to have more coat that is a little longer - this is very important in colder climates. To read more about Longhaired Weims go the Weimaraner Club of America website.


Why longhairs?


Our decision to include longhairs in our breeding program was based on extensive reading about longhairs in other countries and the controversy about longhairs in North America. There is some evidence that longhairs genes may have an effect on overall health of the breed and excluding their use in breeding programs is detrimental. Our own observations see many short coated weims with extremely short, sparse coats with no hair on their bellies and thin skin. Christie, who carries longhair but is short coated, has more, slightly longer hair that the other weims that we have and has lots of hair on her belly. She is more tolerant of cold weather and is very healthy.


As of July 1, 2007 the Canadian Kennel Club standard for the Weimaraner was changed to include longhairs.  So longhaired Weims can now be shown in conformation shows in Canada and obtain show Champion titles.